Prime Fair USer Pilicy

This policy is applicable to all of Prime Network’s internet plans. This policy is aimed to ensure Prime Network is able to provide quality internet services to all our customers, and no customers are disadvantaged by the behaviour of others.

If client uses Prime Network’s services to what is deemed to be unreasonable, Prime Network reserves the right to significantly reduce internet speed without notice as well as restrict or terminate the service without notice if necessary.

We consider unreasonable unlimited internet use to occur when usage activity adversely affects any part of Prime Network’s network, adversely affects our ability to provide our services or adversely affects the ability of other Prime Network customers to use a service.

Prime Network checks for excessive usage by monitoring client’s data usage in a monthly cycle. Data usage is calculated by adding both download and upload data used from the start of every English month.

There are three levels of speed throttling done depending on client’s usage within an English month.

Please find the acceptable data usage quota and the three levels of FUP speed restriction table below:

Prime's FUP

Packages No Reduction Upto Level 1 FUP Leval 2 FUP
20 MBPS Unlimited 600 GB 600 GB-700 GB
Speed Reduction to 10MBPS
Above 700 GB
Speed Reduction to 6MBPS
30 MBPS Unlimited 800 GB 800 GB-900 GB
Speed Reduction to 15MBPS
Above 900 GB
Speed Reduction to 10MBPS
50 MBPS Unlimited 1200 GB 1200 GB-1300 GB
Speed Reduction to 25MBPS
Above 1300 GB
Speed Reduction to 15MBPS